After a great first Whitby Story Slam, I’m thrilled to announce we will be back  in November, during the second Whitby Goth Weekend of 2013. Venue tbc – fuller details on that here

Keep checking back for more info on the next event, and meanwhile have a look at our winner’s story and find out just what happens at our story slam.


6 comments on “About
  1. Can we pakistani apply for this contest? Is this necessary to gather at La rosa hotel? Is there any procedure to send you the story via mail??

  2. Jo Thompson says:

    Hi Saram

    Hoping to enter a story and go to the event with my husband. Do I just take the story on the night, having bought tickets, or does it need to be sent in advance? If so, where? Also the site does not seem to let me buy 2 tickets, one participant, one to just watch, in one go, but 2 separate transactions. Can you help please?

    • sarahawthorn says:

      Hi Jo, Brill! Yes, just bring the story along to the event to read out. I’ll also have a look at the ticket options just now and sort that out, sorry for the difficulties!

  3. Have bought my ticket and my draft story is complete.

    A couple of quick questions come to mind:

    You give a guideline of 500 words. Are there absolute limits to length or brevity of a piece?

    Are you issuing physical tickets or merely using a list at the door of who has paid?

    My wife and I are running a trader’s stand over the weekend. Assuming she can get cover, would she be able to buy a ticket for audience only on the door?

    • sarahawthorn says:

      Hi Danov

      500 words is the max length as people will be reading them out to the audience. Depending on the speed people talk this works out to around 4 mins. This ensures each entrant is given the same amount of time to read their story.

      It should be fine to buy tickets on the door for the audience, I can make a note to keep one to the side? No physical tickets needed, it will be a checklist on the door.

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