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The Endeavour – Round 2!

One of our story slam entrants has very kindly given me permission to post his Endeavour story on the site. RJ had a really different spin on the theme and I’m thrilled he came along and read it out. There’s

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Change of Venue

Sadly I’ve had to change the venue for the November story slam, this is due to a full hotel booking at La Rosa so I’m on the lookout for a new venue. I know La Rosa was really popular with

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Sorry, what’s a story slam?

One of the common comments when I asked for feedback after the slam was perhaps that I should explain exactly what a story slam is. Of course I should, everyone who mentioned is is absolutely right. So, despite this happening

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The Endeavour – Winning Entry

If you missed my previous post, you might not be aware that the winner of the first every Whitby Story Slam was Danov Valravn, who has kindly agreed to let me post his winning entry so everyone can enjoy it.

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Slam Dunk

Firstly, apologies for the lateness in posting this blog after the event. The house I was staying in had an automatic block on social media sites and an intense dislike of WordPress and Facebook. So, back to the connected world

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