Slam Dunk

Firstly, apologies for the lateness in posting this blog after the event. The house I was staying in had an automatic block on social media sites and an intense dislike of WordPress and Facebook. So, back to the connected world and a huge, huge thanks to everyone who turned up and even more so to those who took part in the first Whitby Story Slam.

The stories veered from delicious and dark to charming and downright hilarious, and I for one was thoroughly impressed with the quality and bravery of those that stood up in front of the audience and our very lovely judge, Jane Lovering, for offering some stellar advice and overcoming the difficult hurdle of choosing a winner.

That winner was Danov Valravn, who’s twisted horror tale was delivered in a truly unsettling manner, and received a copy of Volatire’s Call of the Jersey Devil, which may have pleased his partner slightly more than Danov…

Over the course of the next week or so I’ll be posting some stories from the slam, so look out for these and hope you enjoy them as much as we did.

After asking for feedback from both audience and participants, lots of valid and valuable points were made. Overall, the venue at La Rosa was a winner – perhaps with a few more up-lighters to deliver more light – but ‘atmospheric venue’ was a definite positive. I’m going to take all these points on board, play around with the format and run the event again at November’s Goth Weekend, I’ll update this blog as I go. I’ll also hopefully be moving the site to a stand alone domain as this will give me more freedom with online ticketing.

For now, thanks, well done and please come back in November.



Freelance writer and media communications consultant. I write, I drink tea, therefore I am. Creator of Whitby Story Slam.

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